Innovative Distribution

DRINKSCONNECT is highly knowledgeable in the field of understanding distribution in Asia. Our structure is based on acquiring or partnering with the best and most progressive in-market distributors across Asia. We position our clients only with only successful distributors that can provide positive results in building solid brand franchises. We develop strong relationships with these distributors to ensure they excel in every aspect of presentation and distribution of our clients portfolio.

We provide detailed advice on route to market planning and brand building strategy for clients who are either looking to enter Asia with a new brand or want improved performance from an existing brand.

Our Bailment Program

DRINKSCONNECT encourages brand owners to work with it’s bailment program.  Our bailment program ensures a brand owners products are always available in Singapore at lowest possible cost resulting in increased margin and faster brand growth.

Bailment works in the following manner. Drinksconnect does not purchase but rather accepts products for representation. Drinksconnect manages all warehousing and logistics associated with moving the products around Asia. Drinksconnect then establishes distribution agents for the brand in selected Asian markets and territories assigned by the brand owner. We also will, if desired, provide a full marketing program to help accelerate brand performance. Under bailment,  product in inventory remains under the ownership of the brand owner until it is sold on to Drinksconnects customers (our agents). Once the products are sold and shipped to the Drinksconnect customer, funds are collected and the net sale proceeds are then remitted to the brand owner.  Our program helps to free up the capital required to purchase inventories which allows us to charge far less than other importers. This in turn can improve the brand owners margin and ultimately be the catalyst for improved brand performance.



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